2016 Toyota Tacoma: Think Thrice Before Buying

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This might caught you off guard but accordingly, the Toyota Tacoma is ranked at number ten on the top ten most ticketed vehicles. It’s based off a notable website ( which conveys surveys like these each year; so it’s all pretty legit information there.

And more importantly, the Tacoma is the only truck in the top 20 of the list’s most ticketed vehicles, so that’s really saying something. The amount of Tacoma owners (30%) having reported with a ticket knocks down both the Chevrolet Colorado’s 23.5% and even Ford F-150’s 23.1%. Then we have the average cars that came in at just 21%.

The survey conducted by started by asking its customers about how many of them were “recently ticketed”, so that’s how it all began. Part of what contributes to the list is the accident reports and traffic violation reports of its customers too; where all of that data gets complied and voila, the Tacoma stands out from the rest.

Would you still consider getting yourself a Tacoma after knowing its “history”?

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