2016 Toyota Prius Is Prove That Looks Is Not That Important

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It felt like Toyota made the biggest mistake they could have made when they took the covers off the Toyota Prius last year. While the last model was boring the new version was a little too much for many.

Toyota promised a more aggressive looking more and they definitely delivered but some felt like they might have gone a little overboard with many of them calling the new Toyota Prius ugly but this is not going to be the end of the Prius.

The unveiling for the Toyota Prius was soon followed by the EPA rating announcement. According to Toyota, the Toyota Prius is able to return about 54mpg in the city and 50mpg on the highway but that was not all.

If you are looking to save more in fuel cost, there is the Eco mode which is able to return about 58mpg in the city and 53mpg on the highway. We are going to guess that people will be forgiving Toyota for the design blunder really soon.