2016 Toyota Hilux May Be Too Ugly For International Markets

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The 2016 Toyota Hilux was launched over in the Sydney and Bangkok but it hasn’t been launched internationally. So might it be a case of the vehicle looking too ugly to be launched on international markets?

Toyota did say that developing the Toyota Hilux had been something of a challenge. These challenges came about in testing during weather conditions and the tests ranged from flooded roads to deserts and muddy forests. The vehicle has an interior that has been newly upgraded and the suspension has also been improved. Improvements have also been made to the fuel economy.

There is going to be three choices of suspension for the Toyota Hilux. The standard is going to be used for roads, comfort for when you are driving in the city and town and heavy duty for if you want to carry heavy loads.

The cabin of the Toyota Hilux comes with a display of 7 inches and this is for the multi-media system. It has the navigation system that has improvements and upgrades to the trims and materials.

You can get the Toyota Hilux is choices of different engines. Over in Australia there is a choice of two gas and two turbodiesel engines. You can get the 2.8 litre four cylinder which gives 331 pounds of torque. The 2.4 inline has four cylinders and 295 pounds of torque. All of the engines are offered with six speed automatic gearing or manual gearing.

You can also choose the four-wheel drive or the two-wheel drive and the vehicle is able to tow up to as many as 6,600 pounds.

The Toyota Hilux is going to be made available in a 31 variations and a choice of three cabins. You can choose the crew cab, extended or the regular. There are choices of trims, the SR, SR5 and the Workmate. In Thailand the vehicle is in the extended cabs and the regular cab.

We haven’t heard anything about the arrival of the Toyota Hilux internationally so it is looking that the design of it may mean it’s not arriving.