2016 Toyota Hilux: It May Be Just Too Ugly For International Markets

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The 2016 Toyota Hilux has been launched in Bangkok and Sydney, however it hasn’t been launched internationally. So could it be a case of it being too ugly for the markets in Europe.

Toyota said that the development of the Toyota Hilux has been something of a challenge. They said that challenges were found when it came to testing it in the weather conditions and these ranged from testing in desert, muddy forest and more. The vehicle comes with an upgrade to the interior and the suspension and the fuel economy is also better.

The Toyota Hilux is going to come in three suspension choices. These will be standard for driving on roads, comfort when driving around the city and town and heavy duty for carrying a heavy load.

There is a 7 inch touch screen display for the navigation and multi-media and the Toyota Hilux comes with upgrades to the trims and materials.

The vehicle is offered in different engine choices and it is in two versions of gas and two turbo diesel engines. There is the 2.8 litre with four cylinders and this offers up 331 pounds of torque and the 2.4 inline offering four cylinders and 295 of torque. All choices of engine are offered in the six speed automatic and the manual gears.

The Toyota Hilux is offered in two-wheel and four-wheel drive and it has maximum towing of 6,600 pounds.

The Toyota Hilux launched in Australia will be made available in 31 versions and three cabins. These include the crew cab, extended and the regular and it choices of three different trims, the SR, SR5 and the Workmate. In Thailand it is going to be available in regular along with extended cabs.

For now it is looking as though the Toyota Hilux is too ugly to head to the markets internationally.