2017 Tesla Model X: Falcon Wing Doors To Be Optional… Pretty Please

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The 2016 Tesla Model X is without a doubt an engineering marvel. However many skeptics feel that that falcon wing doors were more a novelty that a beneficial feature.

Yes, it does manage to open in tighter spaces than its ancestors, the original gullwing doors. But there were a lot of other issues with this design concept that kept it out of most car models over the past decade. Let’s check them out.

The Tesla Model X is an SUV. And as such we can expect some buyers who live in heavy-snow areas would consider it. Well can you imagine opening the door when there is snow on the roof?

Next is the sheer stress and load the Tesla Model X doors undergo due to its opening mechanism. This load is transferred straight to the roof and as such Tesla Motors has had to heavily reinforce the roof of the Tesla Model X. So as you can expect the vehicle is top-heavy. This is not something that is good for driving dynamics.

And in the event of an accident where yo may find the vehicle rolled over, you can forget about exiting the Tesla Model X through those doors. The Mercedes SLS AMG overcame this with “explosive bolts” where the door connections were blasted open in such an incident. This doesn’t sound very safe when you consider the Tesla Model X is more of a family vehicle and you could have little children in the rear.

Lastly another thing Tesla Model X buyers needs to consider which sports car buyers wouldn’t is roof racks. The Model X won’t be compatible with any brand.

What do you think of the Tesla Model X falcon wing doors? Do you believe they should make it optional in 2017?

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