2016 Subaru XV: A Technical Nightmare

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Since Subaru has always been known to be the brand that’s almost impossible to be unlovable, it really raises some eyebrows when they’ve gotten a surprisingly low ranking in J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study. Not only did Subaru scored zero vehicles in the assessment, but the notable automaker is now being noted with ranks below the industry average. Not cool.

There are several issues that the Subaru XV might be facing as of late, and the following have been discovered: issues with the vehicles’ technology, oil consumption issue and the tendency for replacement of components outside of normal wear, among others. It’s a known fact for the automotive industry to be struggling with technology issues, and we could see that the XV had problems with its Bluetooth connectivity and built-in voice recognition systems.

J.D’s study also confirmed that only 33% of customers who had to replace a component outside of normal wear items, said they would definitely repurchase that same brand again. In a different perspective, the remaining 66% are the ones that won’t be purchasing that brand again, which could be the best indication for Subaru being ranked incredibly low.

As for the oil consumption issue, Subaru’s been sued for having some of their engines using excessive oil and for having a potential oil consumption issue, if you’ve not noticed until now. Of course the automaker’s in denial, but they’re persistent in finding out the cause of this alleged complaint to settle things once and for all.

Would these issues affect your thoughts and impression on the Subaru XV, that you wouldn’t even consider in buying it anymore?

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