2016 Nissan Sentra: Far From Your Expectation, But Still Worth The Shot

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The Nissan Sentra that first came out back in 2013 would have made it seem as though it’s been there since forever. It hasn’t been contributing the most to the overall Nissan sales, nor is it the worst in the field. It just hasn’t been met with desirable conditions to place it at the top spot overlooking the rest. But now it might just be capable of doing so.

We look into the 2016 version of the Sentra and it’s got us amazed, so we think you’ll be feeling the same way too. You should be expecting some major exterior overhaul that now wears a more aggressive look blending with an angular, aggressive front treatment with a swooping body line that ends at the taillights. The hod, fenders and rear fascia are well-improved too.

Nissan’s given some extra affection towards the Sentra’s interior as well. Perhaps the most obvious tip-off comes from the steering wheel, which is surprisingly much more sportier and cleaner-looking than the old one that’s been utilized. Other parts that got some love include the centre console, infotainment interface, seats as well as the shift knob too.

It might not be deemed as the sportiest car possible that’s out there, desperate for you to buy it, but it’s got all the perks you’re looking for if pricing is what matters to you the most. The 2016 Nissan Sentra is an inexpensive, efficient, compact car and that’s really about it.

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