2016 Mercedes AMG C63 Shows Just How Much BMW Are Behind

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One vehicle that is great to own is the Mercedes AMG C63 as it offers up great performance while also retaining the luxury aspect that it is known for. This has been something that BMW have not been able to compete against even though they revealed the M2 earlier on.

The Mercedes AMG C63 is so far in front that really BMW can only blame themselves. The M2 along with the M3 were a disappointment thanks to the luxury being toned down and also the performance hasn’t been up to par.

An example of this was the driver seat of the BMW M2. It is crooked and this is something that you wouldn’t expect BMW to make a mistake with. The interior of the M2 and the M3 also falls behind that of the 2016 Mercedes AMG C63.

It seems that Mercedes got things right with the Mercedes AMG C63 and they did cap things off nice with the V8 4 litre engine that offers up 469 horses. Tests have shown us that the C63 comes in second to only the BMW M4.

There have been some cons with the performance cars of BMW; however they have still been selling well as they are popular. This isn’t going to change the fact though that BMW do need to do something about their performance vehicles of the future or they are at risk of falling even more behind.

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