2016 Mazda CX-3 And Honda HR-V Goes Head To Head

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They both look equally gorgeous it’s so hard to pick on this one. Is it just us or you’re finding a hard time selecting between the two too?

Ask anyone out there and most people would tell you nothing bad about the Mazda CX-3, because obviously there really is so much to like about the crossover. It’s a 5-door subcompact hatchback that’s reasonably comfortable (even for the XL size in you, so there’s really no need to worry about that), and a generally fun car to drive on.

But something so gorgeous does have its share of flaw elements, because we all know that nothing in this world is ever perfect. We’d just like to give ourselves excuses and maybe overlooking the pitfalls on this one because it just looks too good to be true. The CX-3 loses to the HR-V in terms of providing a blind-spot monitor camera for safety enhancement whilst driving, despite the fact that the former has its own warning flash for the same purpose too.

And if there’s one thing that could have you leaning over towards the Honda instead of the Mazda would be the voice and static touch-only activated controls that would seemingly aid a lot in the entire driving experience. So it’s all a matter of perspective; having to choose between a fine-looking crossover over one that’s more practical. The choice is yours.

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