2016 Mazda 6 Takes on Honda Accord: But Which Is The Best Purchase?

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The Mazda 6 and the Honda Accord are two vehicles that are superb but what we want to know is which is the better purchase?

The Mazda 6 and Honda Accord offers some features considered to be unique in the segment and there is no shortage of competition. Both come with the option to lease or to purchase them and both are great looking vehicles that are plenty of power and comfort.

In consumer reports the 2016 Honda Accord managed to come out in front for purchasing in the midsize sedan segment. It managed to get some great score for satisfaction, reliability, and its purchase value. This means that the Mazda 6 does come in behind it.

The Mazda 6 offers up a body and grill design that is inspiring among the mid-sized commuter segment, which is generally very bland. The inside of the vehicle is comfortable and finding the perfect angle for driving is superb thanks to the adjustable seating.

The vehicle offers a dashboard that is streamlined and it is crisp and the layout centre stack is very intuitive. There is a split rear bench seat to the back of the vehicle and it offers up drop split rear bench seat in the back, while there is plenty of space for legroom.

The inside of the Honda Accord offers up some great looks and it does offer a feel that is substantial. The trims are heavy and the carpets denser and this gives an overall look that is more substantial along with being well finished off.

The Mazda 6 and the Honda Accord do have plenty of torque and horse power and they are almost identical. The Mazda offers SkyActive drive along with the 6 speed automatic transmission; however the Mazda 6 may be noisy when you first start it up.

So which would choose? Would it be the Mazda 6 or would it be the Honda Accord?