2016 Mazda 6 GT Still Offers Up The Looks

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There are so many new vehicles coming out that you might think that the Mazda 6 GT would have lost its appeal by now but this hasn’t been the case at all. In fact there are some people who swear that the vehicle is still among one of the best-looking vehicles on the market.

This is due to the vehicle having the rear spoiler, grille illumination, painted alloys and the power glass sunroof. These all come together to ensure that the Mazda 6 GT is just as impressive as it ever was.

The Mazda 6 GT has the 184 horsepower engine which can offer up around 38mpg when driven on the highway and about 26mpg when driving in the city. It comes with many great features and these include the sporting front seats, rearview camera, hands-free entry, leather seats and multi-leather heated driver seats.

You can pick up the Mazda 6 GT for around $30, 195, but do you think the vehicle still has the looks?

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