2016 Lexus RX 350 F Sport: What’s With The Facelift?

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Before the fourth-generation of this luxury RX took over, the Lexus RX crossover has had its fair share of being well-received over the past two decades (only rivalling against several other brands such as BMW’s 3 Series, Ford’s F-150, just to name a few). Now that it’s gone for a huge plastic surgery, people aren’t too pleased with the change.

Sure, it has more interior room (only by a few inches), a bit more power as well as a lot more styling. But there’s no denying that all these factors fall short to provide a better handling, intuitive technology and elegant design we expect from the luxury crossover, and let’s not get to the fact that it costs nearly $60,000 too.

The 2016 Lexus RX 350 F Sport has over-styled itself to the point where the automaker has evidently gone with their fetish for a nomenclature of “aggressive luxury”. And by that, we meant some “razor” edges with weird angular plastic covers over the tail lights, a grille blown out of proportion, and let’s just say that it’s demanding for your attention like a mole perched at the tip of someone’s nose.

In fact, we actually think that it’s nowhere compared to the Lexus LC 500 sports coupe that debuted at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. The stylings of the impossible-made-possible car seems unparalleled to that of the “luxury” crossover that it’s come out with.

What are your thoughts about the Lexus RX crossover?

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