2016 Kia Picanto Gets Worst Safety Rating: Zero Stars

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The 2016 Kia Picanto cannot possibly score any worse in safety ratings as it managed to get zero stars for the vehicle on sale in Indonesia and Thailand.

The basic variation of the 2016 Kia Picanto is sold without airbags in the Indonesia and Thai markets and this was the main reason it scored so badly for safety ratings in NCAP.

The vehicle managed to get just one star for child protection due to a lack of three point centre seat belt and amazingly, the wrong instructions being given for installation of child seats in the vehicle.

In the Euro NCAP along with ASEAN NCAP the 2016 Kia Picanto scored four scores and five in the ANCAP ratings as it offers six airbags, three point centre seat belt and stability control. This is the version that is sold in Malaysia.

The testing showed that the Picanto hadn’t been tested for side impact due to the poor rating it had received but it did come with basic side impact interior and structural protection.

So the Indonesian and Thai markets have been let down by the 2016 Kia Picanto and its zero stars in the safety rating tests.

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