2016 Jeep Chief Has Got Ready For Summer

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Right now we are in the grip of winter but Jeep has turned their thoughts to warmer weather and the summer by way of the 2016 Jeep Chief concept. There is nothing unusual about them offering concepts as they do this for the Easter Safari. However this time around what is different is that they are taking this one to the production line.

Inside the 2016 Jeep Chief there will be the Pentastar engine by way of the 3.6 litre V6. The design of the vehicle is going to have a body that is along the lines of an SUV. SUVs do happen to be very popular at the moment and the Chief is going to have a long roof which will go from the roof to the windshield and down to its tailgate.

Inside the 2016 Jeep Chief the interior has taken on décor in the Hawaiian styling and the gear knob is designed like a Tiki, while the fabric also has the same styling.

So are you interested in the 2016 Jeep Chief and its Hawaiian style touches.