2016 Honda CR-V Gets Ahead Of Escape and RAV4

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In the US the Honda CR-V has taken the title of being the best-seller among crossovers in July when it managed to sell 36, 017 units. This also meant that it was the fourth best-seller in all of the automotive market, it came behind the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado and the Dodge RAM.

However when it comes to year to date sales, it is behind the Toyota RAV4 as it sold only 195, 092 units compared to 197, 771 units, with the latter having 31, 871 buyers in July.

The margin isn’t a huge one of course and should the Honda CR-V take the lead for sales in August it may be able to get the position of the leading crossover for sales in the US.

The Honda CR-V figures improved last month by 13.3% over the same period the year before. They also went up slightly by 0.1% YTD against the same period , while the Ford Escape came in second place, just in front of the Honda, which fell by 10.2%.

The Honda Civic and the Accord are also in front of the Honda CR-V for the majority of the previous months as the Civic sold 32, 952 units and the Accord sold 31, 946 units in July. The Honda Civic is still the leader for the Honda lineup, as sales accounted for 222, 729 in total up to this point.

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