2016 Honda Civic: It Is Looking Like The Big Risk Is Going To Pay Off

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Honda took a big risk with the 2016 Honda Civic but it is looking like the big risk they took is going to pay off.

Lots of car companies have to take risks when they are designing their new styles of cars. There is the 2016 Honda Civic entry version and this offers up the 2 litre engine with 4 cylinders and it has 6 speed manual transmission. It is also coming in the 1.5 litre turbocharged engine and this offers up 4 cylinders and it comes with 174 horse power.

The 2016 Honda Civic entry level will give owners about 27mpg when traveling in the city and when on the highway it should offer up 42mpg.
Anyone who buys the 2016 Honda Civic who wants to pay out extra may wish to consider taking on the Honda Sensing Package. The package offers up forward collision warning, road departure warning, adaptive cruising, lane keeping and road departure warning.

So has the risk paid off for Honda with the 2016 Honda Civic?