2016 Honda Civic Is Chosen By The People Without Question

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The 2016 Honda Civic is now known to be the peoples champion and it doesn’t take much imagination as to why it earned the title. It does offer up a superb ride, one of the best under the compact sedan segment. Its design is great, at least 87,303 people seem to think so.

The Honda Civic sales have been on the rise and March 2016 saw them go up by as much as 28%. The senior vice president and general manager from the Honda Division has said that portfolio of the Honda is well balanced.

Thanks to the rise in sales Honda Motors is now classed as being among one of the fastest brands to grow in the division in the US. In March it sold 63, 378 compact vehicles along with midsized ones out on the roads in the US.

It was also said that the car and truck line would continue to gain strength and core along with niche products would ensure that the appeal of the brand is going to go from strength to strength.