2016 Honda Civic Complaints Just Keep On Coming

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In regards to quality assurance Honda generally comes out on top. However it is looking like with the 2016 Honda Civic this isn’t the case as the complaints about it just keep on coming.

One person complained about the 2016 Honda Civic and they said that they had more than 18 different issues with the vehicle.

Some of the issues that they had with the 2016 Honda Civic included leaking headlights, the HVAC whistling, streaks being left by the windscreen wipers, the rain sensing wipers not working as they should, the camera resolution being low and the trim in the rear not lining up with the panels at the back.

Honda generally have been quality build that this, however with the 2016 Honda Civic it seems that they have run into issues.

Are you the owner of the 2016 Honda Civic and have you had issues with your vehicle?

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