2016 Honda Civic Complaints Growing

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Honda generally does well when it comes to quality assurance, however when it comes to the 2016 Honda Civic they haven’t done as well as the complaints surrounding the vehicle just keep on growing.

It seems that one person in particular isn’t happy with the quality assurance of their 2016 Honda Civic as they asked recently whether anyone else had experienced 18 issues with their vehicle.

Among the many issues with the 2016 Honda Civic were right headlight leaks, a whistling noise from the HVAC, windscreen wipers leaving streaks on the windshield, rain sensing wipers going crazy, bubbles in the leather seating, camera resolution being around 280p resolution and the plastic trim at the back not lining up with rear panels. These are just some of the eighteen issues one owner is having with their vehicle.

Generally Honda are said to have a much better than average build quality, however in the case of one owner at least it seems that they forgot about this when building the 2016 Honda Civic.

Do you own the 2016 Honda Civic and do you have any issues with it?