2016 Honda Civic: Complaints Begin To Grow

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One of the most important things in a car is the seating, more so if you have to drive a long way. In the past the Honda Civic has been known for its comfort in the seating, but what about with the 2016 Honda Civic as it lacks adjustable lumbar support.

The 2016 Honda Civic has always been at the top for interior comfort along with the instruments, pedals and controls all being in the correct place. In the past the Civic has been a bit on the stiff side for suspension.

Taller drivers or those who are overweight may have issues with the 2016 Honda Civic. The hip point could cause issues for the taller driver due to the seat back position in relationship to the reach of the steering wheel. Thanks to the lack of lumbar adjustment tall drivers are going to have an issue. Due to the fact that it will hit the back well of the driver above the support point, above the lower back. What’s worse is that this cannot be changed.

Maybe the 2017 Honda Civic will offer lumbar support that is adjustable, unlick the 2016 Honda Civic.

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  1. Ric wade

    May 3, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    Yes I have the new 2016 Civic EX T. Had the car for two months now during the first month I’m now experiencing problems with the infotainment system flashing off and on by itself. Dealership is giving me the run around. I did call American Honda in Torrance no better. I’m frustrated, car of the year they say the award needs to be taken back. Also I was told their not aware of the problem but I told them it’s all over social media and they’re like they not now hearing about for the first time by me. Never again bad choice for me