2016 Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry: Refinement or Exhilaration?

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When it comes to the 2016 Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry you are going to be choosing between refinement and exhilaration. Both vehicles offer the same quality , so in the end its going to be something of a personal choice when choosing between the two.

The Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry both offer the four-cylinder engine, with the option of going for the V6.

The V6 engines are 3.5 litres and the Honda Accord gives 278 horses with 252 of torque and the Toyota Camry offers 268 horses along with 248 torque. Both of the vehicles come with six speed automatic transmission and the Accord does have a very slight edge over the Camry for economy. It offers 21mpg in the city and 34mpg out on the highway, the Camry offers 31mpg on the highway and 21mpg in the city.

The Honda Accord offers the 2.4 litre four-cylinder engine with 185 horses and the Toyota Camry is the 2.5 litre with four-cylinders with 178 horses.

The Honda Accord offers the best handling thanks to it having a sporty edge, while the Toyota Camry is softer and smoother for braking, steering and acceleration.

The Toyota Camry is big at 190.9 inches length but the Honda Accord beats it. Both vehicles are offered with 16 inch wheels fitted as standard, but you can choose upwards of 19 inches on the Accord, while the biggest on the Camry is 18 inches.

The Honda Accord was treated to a new look for 2016 and it comes with plenty of chrome. It does look the more modern design when compared to that of the Toyota Camry.