2016 Honda Accord: Can’t Take The Heat

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Honda will have to recall millions of their Honda Accord after a few reports of the engine compartment catching fire surfaced.

According to the automaker, the reason why the engine compartment caught fire was because the battery sensors where no sealed tight and the moisture from the road which might carry road salt and other material could seep into the battery sensor causing it to rust and short circuit.

The issue will affect up to 2.1 million units of HOnda Accord with 1.15million from the US. Those affected will be models from 2013 to 2016. Those affected will get a new 12-volt battery sensor free of charge.

However, since the scale is so big, Honda is also be offering their customers a temporary fix while they wait for their turn. Customers can head to their dealers to apply an adhesive to the sensor to prevent any more moisture from seeping in.

Some consumers were worried that the same issue would affect the new HOnda Accord but according to Honda, the battery sensor has been redesigned back in June 2016 which means the newer model should not have the same issue.

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