2016 GMC Acadia Won’t Beat Highlander Just On Room Alone

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One of the first things that come to mind when you mention the GMC Acadia is the room. The vehicle is big enough to fit eight people in comfort. When you compare it to the Highlander it makes the latter feel small, but the Acadia cannot beat it on room alone.

The Toyota Highlander offers up a wide choice of engines and this means there should be something for everyone. The third row of seats can be accessed easily and of course this is a big bonus for though who live a hauler.

The entry level version of the Toyota Highlander comes with an engine of 2.7 litres and this offers up 185 horses and 164 torque. The GMC Acadia has the 3.6 litre engine and this gives up 280 horses 266 torque.

The Toyota Highlander gives around 22mpg when out on the highway and in the city you can expect to get about 15mpg. If you go for the base version of the Highlander it comes in at about $27, 837 and the base version of the GMC Acadia is going to set you back $30, 820.

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