2016 Ford Ranger Is A Jump That Comes Without Substance

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The 2016 Ford Ranger is going to have a price jump but even though the price tag is rising don’t expect the new vehicle to come with lots of upgrades and technology.

Some updates on the vehicle people won’t really notice. You will be able to get hold of the entry level 2016 Ford Ranger by way of the XL single cab 2.2 MT version and you can get this for $27, 390.

In total there are eleven choices of the 2016 Ford Ranger and these include four of the single, two double cabs, one XL super, XLT super and the XLT double.

If you want to go for the 4×4 versions of the 2016 Ford Ranger you can get the XL single cab 2.2 MT with the price tag of $38, 79, while the Wildtrack double has the 3.2 litre engine and you can get it for $60, 090.