2016 Ford Ranger Gets Price Jump Without Substance

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The 2016 Ford Ranger is going to arrive with a hike up in price but don’t run away with the idea that just because the price tag is rising, so is the amount of features and upgrades it is going to come with. In this case it seems that in this case it is a jump that is without substance.

There will be some updates with the 2016 Ford Ranger but these are going to be very small and most people will not notice them. You can go for the entry level which is the XL Single cab 2.2 MT and if you do you will have to pay out $27, 390.

There are plenty of choices on offer for the 2016 Ford Ranger as in total 11 vehicles are going to be offered. The vehicles will include the XL single cab, four versions of the XL single, two of the XL double cab, an XL super cab, One LXT super and an XLT double cab.

Are you interested in the 2016 Ford Ranger and if so which of the vehicles would you choose?