2016 Ford Mustang Will Start Slowing Down Now?

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It did feel like the Ford Mustang was never going to slow down after they release the current Ford Mustang back in 2014. With its new engine and new design, it felt like the Ford Mustang was unstoppable but some believe that things will start to slow down for them now that their biggest rival has arrived.

The older Chevrolet Camaro could not take on the Ford Mustang but the new Chevrolet Camaro could. With a more aerodynamic design and improve powertrain, the Chevrolet Camaro is looking fiercer than ever.

Despite have a powertrain disadvantage, the Chevrolet Camaro comes in with a much lighter and smaller body to balance things out.

There was talk about Ford working on a new model to compete with the new Chevrolet Camaro but it looks like that will not be happening as new report suggest that the next-gen Ford Mustang might only be arriving four years later.

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