2016 Ford Mustang Isn’t Fit For Duty

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We will not be seeing the 2016 Ford Mustang speeding past with sirens blazing as the Mustang was just taken off the list.

It was initially reported that the New South Wales police is considering adding the Ford Mustang GT to their line of police pursuit vehicles. The police force was on a look out for new vehicles to take over the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon as both those models’ production will be ending this year.

However, it has now been reported that the Ford Mustang GT failed to pass the test and is not being remove from the consideration list. According to Business Insider Australia, the Ford Mustang GT;s auto transmission overheated during on of the highway maneuver test.

Now that the Ford Mustang GT is out, the other vehicles that the Police Force is New Saout Wales is considering right now are the Volvo S60 Polestar and the Volkswagen Golf R.

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