2016 Ford Mustang Is Proof We Don’t Need EVs Just Yet

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We all know that the Ford Mustang is ever so lovable that it’s no surprise it’s been labelled as the bestselling vehicle in the US. What’s more, it even outsold all the combined electric vehicle segment. And still no surprise there.

As much as the notable automakers in the industry are toying with the idea of producing more electric vehicles for the future, perhaps it’s safe to say that the people are still not that ready to accept them just yet. Sure, EV’s made to be environmentally-friendly, but seems like there’s still going to be a long way to go before it’s actually going to take over rivals.

If we’ve got to break those EV sales figures down, it’s pretty impossible because most of them do not actually do that apart from the enthusiasm shown by Tesla. The automaker has released its sales numbers recently announcing that they’ve sold 25,202 units of the Model S in the US alone, making it America’s bestselling EV. And it just stops there, because if you were to compare that with the Mustang, it’s not even close. The latter sold a whopping number of 122,349 in the US alone.

Those figures do actually meant something and though it may seem to be quite worrying for the EV industry, they are still standing firm on their feet on this one. They are hopeful that things would take a turn and hopefully EVs would gain more widespread acceptance over the next few years. We’ll like to think that way too. But first, please do not halt the production of any of the muscle cars, especially the well-loved Mustang.

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