2016 Ford Mustang Gets Ever Closer To Porsche 911

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The Ford Mustang is considered to be a sports car, regardless of whether it is actually a legitimate one. Blue Oval has called the vehicle a sports car over on their website, so we guess it must be true. The vehicle has been offered in Europe for around two years but already it has been a big hit.

For more than six months the Ford Mustang has been on the top-sellers list over in the UK with a huge gap. 2,317 units of it were sold by the end of July this year and this means that it has stormed ahead of the Jaguar F-Type along with the BMW 6-Series.

In Germany the Ford Mustang has managed to beat the competition this year and this includes the Porsche 911 and the Audi TT. In Europe overall however the Mustang does come behind these rivals as it has been in the number three spot.

The Audi TT sold 12, 479 units and the Ford Mustang is coming ever closer to the Porsche 911with 9, 231 sales against 9, 538 sales, just 300 units away.

The Ford Mustang has a price tag of around 35,000 Euros and this is around the same price as the Audi TT but less than twice of the cost of the Porsche 911, which offers more power, but there is a good change that the Mustang is going to beat the sales of Porsche by the end of 2016.

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