2016 Ford Mustang Doing Donuts Around Camaro and Challenger

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If you take a look at the sales of the 2016 Ford Mustang they reveal that the Mustang runs donuts around the Camaro and Challenger sales.

The Ford Mustang was launched in 2010 and it has been a good seller among muscle cars. Sales of the Ford Mustang began to rise month after month, which led to Ford taking the top spot for sales.

The Ford Mustang sold 12, 663 units and this shows that it has run donuts around the sales of the Camaro and the Challenger. The Camaro came out in 2015 but it failed to attract sales and this led to the Ford running ahead.

The Dodge Challenger has sold around 5, 369 units during March of 2016 and the sales of the vehicle began to rise. But they haven’t been enough to beat the sales of the Ford Mustang and it is still the winner.