2016 Ford Mustang Beats Tesla Model S With No Surprise

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Perhaps this wouldn’t strike as a surprise for many since the Ford Mustang has always (and still is) known for being the good ol’ American muscle car. And that it has even surpassed the combined sales of the entire electric vehicle segment in theAmerican auto industry. No surprise there.

Sure, Tesla’s Model S would definitely be regarded as being the bestselling EV vehicle in the States, but to be having a more widespread acceptance of EVs is still far from being acquired from the citizens. Though EVs are increasingly getting recognized, the demand for it is steeping as low as ever. It just seems as though Elon Musk’s desire for having fully autonomous cars in a few years’ time may just not be very widely accepted by many.

So it’s still the high-performance Mustang that would still be turning heads and making people falling head over heels eventually. They’ve done it well throughout 2015, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they were to be succeeding in the auto industry this year again. Do you think the Mustang’s going to go dead one day, if ever the EVs become increasingly popular?

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