2016 Ford Focus RS Review: One, Two…..No, No

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Anyone who been expecting the 2016 Ford Focus to arrive and be the perfect vehicle may be very disappointed. It is going to be an all-weather vehicle and it does offer a thrilling ride. However what happens to let it down is the lack of comfort in the vehicle.

The interior lets the vehicle down badly as it offers an old fashioned look that is very bland. The colours are dull and there is nothing exciting at all about the 2016 Ford Focus RS cabin.

The seats are bucket seats and these have you feeling as though you are sat in a perched position. Thanks to the tight sprung vertical body movement you also feel every uneven surface that the vehicle goes over.

If you want a vehicle that is fast and powerful you might want to look elsewhere other than the 2016 Ford Focus RS, there are better alternatives to choose from.