2016 Ford Focus RS: Is It A Case of One, Two, No?

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The 2016 Ford Focus does have plenty going for it but one thing it doesn’t offer is comfort. Another thing it lacks is the fact that the ride isn’t all that thrilling. What it does excel in is being a superb five door all-weather vehicle.

The cabin of the 2016 Ford Focus is bland to say the least with some people saying that the look of it is old fashioned.

Anyone who wants a comfortable ride may wish to bypass the 2016 Ford Focus. The seating makes you feel as though you are sat on a perch and when on uneven surfaces it bobs around a great deal.

The 2016 Ford Focus doesn’t offer comfort, a ride that is thrilling or great cabin but it does well in all types of weather.

But would you choose the 2016 Ford Focus despite all its let-downs?