2016 Ford F-150: The Heavy Price For Comfort

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It’s been deemed as the bestselling pickup truck in the US alone, but the Ford F-150’s got its own fair share of problems as well. Apparently, Ford has recently issued a recall for selected F-150s with massaging seats since there are concerns regarding the airbag system should an accident actually occur.

The 2016 edition of the F-150’s supposedly gotten itself a cool feature of an advanced airbag system, which works by identifying whether the front passenger is a child or an adult with its weight sensor technology. So if an accident were to occur and the front passenger appears to be a child, the airbag would be opened with less force and vice versa if an adult’s seated there instead.

So what happened was Ford made a recall to 3,683 examples of the F-150 in hopes of fixing the alleged issue. The reasoning behind the recall is brought to their attention when they’ve found out that the airbag system “thinks” that there is a child in the front seat should the massaging function is turned on (and the interesting bit here is that it’s an adult seated there instead). It’s quite a big deal and could ruin their reputation if they are not doing something about it.

It’s expected to be a quick and easy recall, so if your F-150 is affected, be sure to get it fixed as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want your favourite pickup to get into unnecessary trouble now, would you?

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