2016 Ford F-150: Don’t Let Its Looks Fool You

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SUVs have been under scrutiny in regards to them being able to provide protection in the event of an accident, while bigger pickups don’t generally get the same treatment. However don’t let the looks of the 2016 Ford F-150 fool you as the vehicle didn’t come out so good in the small overlap front crash tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety testing.

Luckily though revisions were made to the Ford F-150 and now it has gone to the top of the scales for safety. The issues that let down the vehicle included steering column being pushed into the cabin. Now this should not happen and the vehicle should be safer.

The Ford F-150 did come out well in the structure and lower leg and foot categories, with a good score. While other trucks only managed to get poor and another 8 managed to get poor, acceptable or marginal in the lower leg and foot category.

The Ford F-150 was the only truck to take 5 stars in all other categories in the NHTSA crash test in all the cab configurations.

So while it might not have started off the safest, the Ford F-150 is now the safest in that segment.