2016 Detroit Auto Show: Some Of The Coolest Cars Were…

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The Detroit Auto Show that started last week has seen many interesting (and others, rather unusual) cars, and some have been undeniably shone the most limelight.

Some of the biggest names that were expected to make an appearance during the show were the all-new Ford Ranger, rumoured Ford Bronco, constantly teased Honda Ridgeline and the newcomer Hyundai Santa Cruz. Both the Fords didn’t show up though, while the Ridgeline and the Santa Cruz concept were some of the most talked-about cars during the show.

The Ridgeline was almost a guaranteed show despite the constant teasing (and still is, mind you), but it’s still garnered plenty of viewers regardless of its not-so-aesthetically-appeal. And the same can be said for the Hyundai Santa Cruz as well, though looking really posh and sleek when it debuted.

Now that we’ve still yet to see the appearances of both the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco, are you still excited to see them? How much did you like the Honda Ridgeline and Hyundai Santa Cruz?

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