2016 Detroit Auto Show: Honda Ridgeline, Ford Ranger & Bronco, Hyundai Santa Cruz?

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The 2016 Detroit Auto Show has certainly launched with a bang, and considering the first day had just been concluded, all eyes are set on whichever vehicle that’s going to be making its debut at the show.


We’ve seen the redesigned Honda Ridgeline standing proud, with looks and features that will not only have the attention of speciality buyers, but serious truck lovers would also be considering this. What lies in the heart of this mid-sized pick-up is a 3.5-litre, six-cylinder engine, and it’s worth noting that the Ridgeline’s payload capacity could reach to an approximate 1,600 pounds. Now that we are aware that the Ridgeline had been making its round of headlines, what about the others like the Ford Bronco, Ford Ranger and Hyundai Santa Cruz (the hideous-looking one)?

Well, it’s just the first day though, we’re pretty sure that the organisers would be saving the best for last. So, which of the vehicles displayed at the Detroit Auto Show caught your eye most?

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