2016 BMW M4 GTS Is Underwhelming For Performance

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The new BMW M4 GTS is a vehicle that offers up plenty of power and this is a very popular vehicle too. The GTS offers up more power than the normal version and it is lighter in weight. BMW produced the vehicle only in small numbers and all of them sold out.

What the BMW M4 GTS doesn’t offer up is great looks when you compare it to some of the rivals. It does cost more than the average vehicle in the same vehicle at $131, 195. For this you get a 3 litre bi-turbo inline 6 engine and this offers up 493 horses along with 443 of torque.

When it was put through a lap test on Laguna Seca it did it in 1 minute and 37.66 seconds. It came in slower than the Mercedes AMG GTS along with the more affordable Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R.

If we were going for one we would go for the ordinary version of the M4 and save $60,000, while it doesn’t offer the insane power of the BMW M4 GTS, it comes in just 2 seconds behind it on the lap test.

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