2016 BMW M2 vs Audi RS3: Which Is Better?

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With the much-anticipated BMW M2 being rolled out as their latest addition to their M Division family, people have started to compare between the M2 and the 2016 Audi RS3. Will we be able to see how both of them being stacked up against each other, and possibly finding out a winner among the two?

In terms of performance, we’ll have much to figure about for the BMW M2 since we’ve already know much about the RS3. The latter’s 2.5L turbocharged five-cylinder engine delivers 367 horsepower and it’s also paired to a seven-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch gearbox which helps to power all four wheels as well as bringing it from a standstill to 60mph in 3.9 seconds.

While the BMW M2 uses a 3.0L turbocharged inline six-engine delivering 370 horsepower and is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, there’s still more to find out about it. Sure, the M2 might have a bigger engine, deemed to be more powerful with a similar gearbox, it still loses a step to the RS3 in terms of performance because of the lack of grip from its two wheels. The handling aspect would be a totally different thing and we’ll only find that out when we get our hands on the wheels.

Perhaps the BMW’s M2 wins in terms of design since there’s a lot more visual emotion in its design cues when compared to that of the RS3; with aggressive wheel arches, massive front air dams and rear diffuser, all of which gives the M2 the look everyone has been expecting for. You could probably say that the M2 is all flair and drama and the RS3 is more like a reserved and laid-back one, so it should be relatively easy for people to choose between the two according to their personalities too.

They are completely different cars, but one cannot deny the gorgeousness they acquire, since the M2 and RS3 are special in their very own ways. Though if we were given a chance to choose, we’d say the BMW M2 takes the upper hand this time around; the design is just flawless. What about your thoughts?

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