2016 BMW M2: It’s Already Too Late

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Seems like the BMW M2 is getting a whole lot of positive response. It’s almost completely sold out even before the dealer launch, especially in some global markets already, that is. Perhaps BMW was in for a surprise as they had no idea how well-received the coupe would be when they introduced it at M2 Coupe’s launch last year.

It’s good to know that the M2 Coupe’s launch is actually creating excitement all over the globe, and not just in European showrooms. That just goes to show how well-received the car is already been recognized for. When the M2 Coupe debuted at the recent Detroit Auto Show, there’s no denying that performance enthusiasts in the US had been eagerly waiting for it to arrive.

This new M2 Coupe is set to launch in April, yet the car is already being pre-ordered like selling hot cakes; at a rate that may see the first year’s allocation totally sold out before the car even makes it to dealer showrooms. We definitely can’t wait for this exciting news, so stay tuned for more!

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