2017 BMW M2 Hatchback Looks Insane [PICS]

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The BMW M2 is here to turn heads but there is still room for improvement as shown with the SB model that was spotted on BMWBlog.

These are of course just renderings but we love seeing what a 2017 BMW ShootingBrake would look like if it were to come into existence. This concept shows that there is a purpose for something that is smaller and likely better handling.

Looking at the render, we feel that this particular BMW M2 may be based on the Z3 coupe on the lines alone. But with a smaller chassis and body, it would be lighter. Add this to the rear wheels being nicely tucked under the body both front and rear would make this handle very well.

So what do you think of this 2017 BMW M2 SB concept? Should BMW be thinking about building one or should it scrap it since we have a Z3 coupe already.

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