2016 BMW M2 Hatchback Version Looks Absolutely Stunning [PICS]

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If you take a look at these renderings put together by AutoZeitung, it would highly likely evoke memories of the legendary BMW Z3 M Coupe. Based on the new compact sports coupe Garching – the M2 – the virtual images illustrated an M2 Shooting Brake model with a hatch-like rear end and some great flared fenders.

The BMW M2 debuted at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, and will soon have a market launch in April. Although the body shape of the virtual BMW M2 Shooting Brake promises more practicality the market for such car is fairly limited, hence the chances of a similar model to see the production lines are slim to none.

With the same 370 horsepower engine and chassis from the M2, the Shooting Brake variant would prove to be a track monster – and a great daily driver. The Z3 M Coupe is – to this date – one of the most fun bimmers one can drive and has quickly risen to an icon status. An M2 Shooting Brake – with all the new tech and more cabin space – could be one of those cars that you don’t need in your garage, but you certainly would do anything to own one.

The sports coupe is one of the most desired cars of 2016 and BMW dealerships are already taking pre-orders. Even though it won’t be as limited as the 1M, the M2 will certainly not sit on dealers’ lots.



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Now, which one of these renderings do you like best?

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