2016 BMW 3 Series: You Might Just Not Be That Into Him

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Recent reports suggested that the all-new BMW 340i have caught the attention of just about every luxury car buyer on the market, and though that is true, it’s also contrastingly not that attractive enough.

Sure, the car has been claimed to be getting all the attention it deserves, since the folks from Auto Trader UK had reported that the 340i as being the most researched car in the market right now. And it’s not surprising if it were to hold on to that position throughout 2016.

Proving the fact that it’s not attractive enough, it’s all due to the commonness the 340i exudes when it’s in a sea of 2016 BMW 3 Series. It doesn’t have anything extraordinary about it that could bring to its appeal, rather than just having the brand being dubbed as the usual prestige and class.

It’s technically a car for every executive, small family and upperclass retired couple, sources said. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, do note that this might just not be the ideal car for you.

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