2016 BMW 3-Series vs Infiniti Q50: Why Infiniti Wins

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The 2016 BMW 3 Series is taking on the Infiniti Q50 and here we take a look at the reasons why the Infiniti comes out ahead.

The BMW 3 Series may be the benchmark that sedans have been made around, but then things have changed thanks to the likes of the Infiniti Q50.

The BMW 3 Series was treated to an update in 2012, while the Infiniti Q50 got a brand new design in 2014 and again in 2016. But why does the Infiniti Q50 come out ahead?

Let’s start with the styling of the Infiniti Q50 and here both vehicles come in close together. The BMW 3 Series comes with the classic looks of the sports sedan. It is elegant, clean and classic looking, with a sporty flair.

The Infiniti Q50 is about a half size bigger than the BMW 3 Series and it offers a striking look along with a sensual look thanks to the exotic surfaces and curves towards the back. The Infiniti Q50 has a sweeping look inside the cabin and the controls are cordoned off from the driver with an arc that runs along the centre console.

The BMW 3 Series offers handling and dynamics that are balanced and it is the rear wheel drive sedans that do take the edge. The driving experience of the Infiniti Q50 offers more programming and comes with the Steer by Wire Direct Adaptive Steering. The reactions are fast when you put the vehicle in Sport plus mode. It offers a ride that is firm and the handling is agile.

Both of the vehicles offer many engine choices. The BMW 3 Series comes in the 2 litre four cylinder offering 180 and 240 horses. The 340i 3 litre inline 6 offers up 320 horses. There is the turbodiesel inline 4 and this offers 180 horses and a new plug-in hybrid offering power with efficiency.

The Infiniti Q50 comes with three choices of turbocharged engines and there is the base 2 litre 4 cylinder offering 2018 horses, a twin turbocharged V6 3 litre offering 300 or 400 horses. The hybrid is fast and offers 360 horses.

The Infiniti Q50 is well ahead for safety over the BMW 3 Series and this is one of the main reasons why we think it comes out ahead. Check out more about both vehicles here.

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