2016 Audi RS3 vs BMW M2: And The Winner Is…

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It’s a draw.

As we all might have known about the Audi RS3, there’s no denying our love for that hot hatchback (that we also think could seemingly topple down the Volkswagen Golf GTi). But when the BMW M2 came into picture, we cannot resist not comparing both of the best in their own respective ways, because there really should just be a winner, right?

In terms of performance, the Audi RS3 wins, hands-down. Although the BMW M2 might have a bigger engine with its 3.0-litre turbocharged inline-six engine which produces 370 horsepower (3 more than the Audi could deliver), the RS3’s gripping and handling from both the two wheels is what sets them apart. You’ll just have to agree that Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive setup allows for that to happen; so it’s really all thanks to that.

Design-wise, you’ll be biased if you’re not considering the BMW M2 to take the upper between the two here. Its design allows for enthusiasts to actually feel more visual emotion than that of the one you can see from the hot hatchback, since the latter’s got a bit of a more reserved look. The M2’s aggressive and exciting look is really what makes it standout among the two.

Since we have a really difficult time in deciding which car that’s supposed to take the cake, do us a favour and decide for us instead. Feel free to voice anything you’d like in the comments section below.

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