2016 Audi Q7 Doesn’t Have Beauty To Fight With

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The Audi Q7 is about to take on the Volvo XC90 but when it comes to looks it cannot beat it. The Q7 manages to offer up plenty of performance and it is a sleek looker, if not a great looking one.

The engine on the 2016 Audi Q7 is the 2 litre turbocharged with four cylinders and this gives out about 252 horses. If you would like even more power under the bonnet you will have to go for the 3 litre version or the V6 DTI.

The Audi Q7 may be offered in the diesel engine and it has been said that there may be a plug-in hybrid engine on offer. If you go for this you could get better performance and the vehicle would be more fuel efficient. This is thanks to the fact that the body weight has been reduced and this makes the vehicle lighter.

The base of the Audi Q7 is the MLB and this should help when it comes down to the fuel efficiency.

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