2016 Apple MacBook Pro: Days Away From The Truth

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While most people believe that we will be seeing the Apple MacBook Pro at the Apple Event later this month, we have not heard from Apple yet so there is not saying what might happen at the event next week.

As of now, the devices that people believe Apple will be announcing at the event next week is the Apple Watch 2, Apple iPad Air 3 / iPad Pro Mini, the Apple MacBook Pro as well as the smaller Apple iPhone 5se.

We are expecting the Apple MacBook Pro to come with a few specs upgrades but besides that, we also think that it will be fitted with some of the new techs we have seen from Apple like the Force Touch tech.

The MacBook Pro will most likely get its USB port upgraded to the Type-C Port like the other MacBook we have seen. There were also talk about a larger MacBook Pro being offered. The Apple Event will be happening on the 21st of March.