2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia: Dat Ass

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia was a surprise to the automotive community. After all it has been a while since the brand released a vehicle that had such mass market appeal.

With that said, the Alfa Romeo Giulia will apparently not be alone as the brand aims to release multiple new models including an SUV to their lineup over the next couple of year. And with that we have what you see above – the Alfa Romeo Giulia SportWagon.

Now don’t go down to your local Alfa Romeo showroom and try and order one because this is not the real deal – just a clever render by Alessandro Masera. But still, hopefully a hint of what the next-gen Alfa Romeo models will look like.

This 4-door sportswagen as it has been dubbed shares all the styling cues we love from the real Alfa Romeo Giulia but with a hot hatch rear. Oh that rear!

What do you think of this Giulia concept? Should it come to fruition?

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