2013 Subaru Outback & Legacy Recall Now Underway

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Subaru haven’t messed around in announcing their recall of the 2013 Legacy and Outback, as it wasn’t all that long ago when they started an investigation, and recalls have now started today for the Subaru.

The models that they are recalling are the 2013 Outlook Sedan and the Legacy, which were made between 15th February and 15th June 2012. The reason behind the recall is the inner and outer shafts of the steering column assembly, some of them are known to become disengaged from the other.

Of course if this should happen when driving the consequences could be bad. With this in mind it hasn’t been taken lightly and owners are asked to make contact with Subaru or call the NHTSA hotline.

The dealer will replace the faulty assembly with a new unit, which of course will not the owner a penny.

You may be aware that in April the vehicles were recalled for another reason and this was the models made from 2005 to 2009 and it was down to an issue with corrosion. Last month a recall was made of the 2014 Subaru Forester, thanks to the mats curling and coming into contact with the pedals.

So would you prefer Japanese cars to be made in America or Japan? Some people say that making them in the US is one of the reasons there are so many recalls of Japanese cars, but what do you think?

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