2013 MacBook Air May Swap Aluminum With Carbon Fiber [PICS]

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Apple has been granted a patent that could be used to make parts from lightweight material for their mobile phones or laptops like their MacBook Air in the form of a carbon fiber moulding process.

2013 MacBook Air may go carbon fiber

AppleInsider reports that the patent known as No 8,257,075 describes ways that are needed for the manufacture of what are said to be aesthetically pleasing parts which would be made from carbon fiber along with other composites of resin base. Of course this could be used for a lot of things and one of these things could be to make outer housings for laptops like the MacBook Air points out AI.

This patent could be crucial as technology becomes slimmer and displays increase in size. The weight for instance, of the rumored iPhone 5 with a 4 inch display, could be offset if carbon fibre was used in the design. However it is more than likely that Apple would use it for their line-up of MacBooks in a similar way to how Sony use it with their Vaio thin and light laptop series.

Do you think the MacBook Air could be lighter given how portable it already is thanks to its slim size?

Carbon Fiber housing patent

Carbon Fiber housing patent

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